What is Your Strength Best Answer: Tips to Ace the Interview Question

Discover the ideal answer to “what is your strength” interview question with tips, examples, and errors to prevent. Discover how to impress your recruiter and display your skills.


The interview is one of the most crucial actions in the working with process. This question aims to assess your self-awareness and display your abilities that match the task requirements.

Answering this concern can be challenging, as it requires you to talk about yourself without coming off as big-headed or boastful. Nevertheless, with the best method, you can ace this concern and impress your job interviewer. In this article, we’ll assist you on how to respond to “what is your strength” with self-confidence and clarity.

Tips to Answer “What is Your Strength Best Answer”

To answer this concern successfully, you need to follow some ideas and standards that can help you provide your strengths in a favorable light. Here are some suggestions to assist you craft the perfect answer:

Research the company and job requirements:

Prior to the interview, research study the company and the task description thoroughly. Recognize the abilities and qualities the employer is searching for, and then match your strengths to those requirements. In this manner, you can customize your answer to the particular job and show the job interviewer that you’re a perfect suitable for the function.

Be honest and particular:

Do not try to provide a generic answer or something you believe the recruiter wants to hear. Be truthful about your strengths and give particular examples of how you’ve used them in your previous roles. This helps to make your answer more genuine and reputable.

Use the STAR method:

The STAR method is a popular technique used in interviews to structure your response. It represents Scenario, Job, Action, and Outcome. Explain a scenario or task you faced, discuss what action you took to fix it, and after that share the favorable outcome you attained. This method assists you provide a clear and succinct answer that highlights your skills and accomplishments.

Prevent cliches and generalities:

Do not utilize cliches or generalities such as “I’m a hard worker” or “I’m a team player.” These expressions are excessive used and do not give the job interviewer any insight into your strengths. Rather, use specific examples that display your distinct abilities and qualities.

Show enthusiasm:

When discussing your strengths, show interest and enthusiasm. This helps to demonstrate that you delight in utilizing your strengths and are delighted about using them in the job.

Examples of “What is Your Strength Best Answer”

To assist you comprehend how to apply the pointers above, here are some examples of the best answers to “what is your strength” interview concern:

Example 1:

” I believe my greatest strength is my capability to communicate effectively. I’m confident that my communication skills will allow me to excel in this function and contribute to the success of the group.”

Example 2:

“My strength depends on my problem-solving abilities. I’m a natural at identifying issues and coming up with ingenious options. For example, in my last task, I saw that our sales group was having a hard time to convert leads into customers. I proposed a brand-new sales technique that involved tailored outreach, and it led to a 30% increase in our conversion rate.

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